The development of immersive technologies brought completely new opportunities for training professionals and training simulators for ports. Imagine how cars have changed over the past 20 years – there is no reason your machine’s simulator training should remain the same. We are here to create a whole new world for you. Like yours, only virtual.

Educational Games

Step into an interactive science classroom and complete the educational learning objectives before the lesson ends! Science class allows the player to experience an interactive science classroom in a school environment. In the classroom, there are 4 education-focused mini games that need to be completed to achieve their gold stars. This game is targeted for students who study science and would be ideal for teachers to use in the classroom as a fun and interactive session.

3D Scans

Interactive VR Tours

At Education and Play our team can create virtual tours for businesses who are looking for modern and interactive ways to either train staff, or showcase to customers and clients.

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    Creating VR for Serious Play

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